A wide-ranging collection of science expert opinions in one accessible place.

Despite greater production of information than ever before, much of it is either hidden behind a pay-wall, can be challenging to understand or doesn’t represent a balance of diverse viewpoints. SciOPS solves this by bringing transparency and accessibility to a variety of scientific events and issues.

SciOPS conducts brief, frequent, rapidly deployed surveys to a panel of thousands of science and technology experts in universities, industry and government. Responses are then quickly displayed through simple, shareable graphics.

SciOPS provides a place where everyone – regardless of background knowledge or expertise – can receive informed expert input on scientific discoveries, trending issues, and emerging technologies.

Survey Topics Include
  • Biotechnology
  • Climate Change
  • Collaboration
  • Competitiveness
  • Data sharing
  • Digital privacy & security
  • Diversity in science
  • Food security
  • Gender Equity in STEM
  • Genome editing
  • Innovation
  • Open Science
  • Public health
  • Regulation of Science
  • Research capacity
  • Research ethics
  • Science funding
  • Smart Cities
  • Technology transfer