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Our Team

Dr. Eric Welch SciOPS Director
Lesley Forst Michalegko SciOPS Project Manager
Dr. Timothy Johnson SciOPS Survey Methods Director
Mattia Caldarulo SciOPS Research Assistant
Ashlee Frandell SciOPS Research Assistant
Shaika Islam SciOPS Research Assistant
Jinghuan Ma SciOPS Research Assistant
Tipeng Chen SciOPS Research Assistant

Let's Work Together

SciOPS was created by Arizona State University’s Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Studies in collaboration with experts in various fields including science policy, user experience, and survey design.

We received seed funding from ASU’s President, Dr. Michael Crow, to develop the initial phase of SciOPS. With this first set of surveys, we are now rolling out the proof of concept.

The full web interface will be completed in January 2021. A detailed slide deck is available upon request.

As we are now in a position to build the next phase of SciOPS, we are interested in new sources of funding, new partners and new panel members.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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